Key Account Management

A Key Account Manager stands out by their ability to cultivate customer relationships professionally and for the long term. Constantly changing circumstances and a dynamic environment call for good strategic planning. You need to be constantly prepared for various scenarios. A solutions-oriented approach coupled with flexible responses facilitates long term collaboration based on partnership – turn key accounts into satisfied loyal customers.

The Key Account Management training is designed for specialist and executive personnel as well as assistants with sales responsibility who would like to improve their customer management skills for the long term, and want to learn how to maintain customer relationships sustainably and for the long term in fast-moving times.


  • Define and deliver the goals of Key Account Management
  • Expertly fulfil the role of Key Account Management
  • Manage your own customer portfolio professionally
  • Strategic customer management and analyses of potential
  • Clearly define and assert the competitor position (and negotiating position)

In this training, Key Account Managers acquire new skills: they gain suggestions as to how best to approach their customers and how to best exploit existing potential and new opportunities.


The Key Account Manager as a success factor

  • New role awareness: adviser and relationship manager

  • Networks at all levels
  • How Key Account Managers approach their customers
  • Inventory of your own possibilities
  • Define influencing factors to ensure management efficiency for yourself and your organisation

Recognise customer analysis as a lever

  • Different methods of customer analysis (ABC, portfolio and 360° SWOT analysis)
  • Evaluate key customers
  • Identify the customer's strengths and weaknesses and derive business potential from them

Are you interested in a training course that's specifically tailored to the demands of a Key Account Manager? Then touch. We're happy to help!