• Persönlichkeitstraining

    Personal and self-management

    Learn and build on core skills such as a self-confident appearance, attention to organisational time and personal management improves your company's image.

External presentation

When you need to convince other people of something, polished rhetoric is only part of the story. Our entire way of behaving, including body language and non-verbal gestures, matter from the first impression. If you recognise your effect on others and can adapt it according to the situation, you will not simply radiate professional confidence, but also give off a coherent idea of your personality. In the seminar, participants are sensitised to their effect on others, and learn strategies and techniques to make their own personality effectively felt in professional situations with clients and colleagues to achieve their goals.

Training content:

In this seminar, we will engage with different behavioural patterns and ideals and will seek to answer which ones are helpful and which ones harmful. By the end of the seminar, your individual skills and competencies should be known to you as conscious strengths which decisively shape your professional presence This includes an intensive look at body language, self-confidence and micro-patterns in behaviour.

  • Critical analysis of our own and others’ perception
  • Implementing your own personality to achieve your goals
  • Self management and self coaching
  • Gauging, increasing and managing self-confidence, as well as much more
  • Crossover between self-perception and external perception?
  • Your own usable resources

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