Communication training

Are you the voice of your company and in close contact with business partners, media agents and customers? Are you solid as a rock when dealing with complaint management? Are you a creative type who wants to suggest new procedures and implement changes?

Don't be shy to speak up: In our seminars, you will learn learn how to master communicative challenges in your professional life (and in everyday life) in a confident, professional and relaxed manner. If you don't like being the centre of attention and the idea of it is unpleasant for you, we will help you to become more confident in the role of speaker!

In our communication training we will go through how to deal with these useful and helpful themes:

  • Improving self-confidence
  • Using objective argumentation
  • Getting business fluent
  • Learning to interact with empathy
  • Using body language and facial expressions appropriately
  • Skillful use of pauses in speech
  • Involving listeners in a meaningful way
  • Winning trust

Learn to communicate: Be confident in language, gesture and facial expressions

Verbal communication includes everything to do with what is said and and how it is being said, including the intonation, pace of speech, volume and other aspects. However, the key to success is often non-verbal communication: Gestures and facial expressions have a big influence on the understanding, sense of trust and credibility between the communicators. With our help, you will learn how to achieve what you want from a conversation in a efficient and effective way.

Communication trainers with long-standing experience

KERN courses are delivered by professional communication coaches, who use their cross-industry practical experience to tailor content and methods in an application-based way. In the seminars, your individual questions, examples and situations will also be considered alongside general communicative challenges that you could be faced with in your job and in everyday life. Our trainers impart their knowledge very clearly via many practical exercises, so that you can quickly assimilate our strategies.

Communicating with customers, negotiations and much more!

The aim of our communication training is to individually prepare you for these conversations. Every goal is dependent on fulfilling other conditions and requirements: in order to personalise the seminar in the best way possible to your needs, we discuss your requests with you in advance. Discussions with economic decision makers, handling objections in sales or discussions with employees are just three examples of many – and each of these situations require different communication strategies. 

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