Rhetoric, the art of effective communication, is the key to successful business relationships. Using language effectively is crucial in imparting information, speaking convincingly and motivating others.


  • Introduction: The basics of communication
  • Communication in a professional context
  • They key principles of rhetoric
  • Analysis of the individual communication style
  • Develop and build on rhetorical approaches for improved communication
  • Communicate with conviction: Rhetoric in different business situations

Target group

Specialist and executive personnel who would like to improve their information delivery, convincing and motivating skills. Participants in this seminar will learn how to use their language effectively and purposefully in a business environment. 

    Focus points

    • Effective and purposeful communication
    • Lead and direct conversations
    • Be confident in front of an audience
    • Communicate concrete and abstract concepts
    • Persuade with your personality, charisma and how you express yourself

    Course content

    The following points provide an overview of possible course content. This course content is based on the individual needs and requirements of the participant.

    Communication in a professional context

    • Linguistic etiquette in the business environment
    • Aspects of messages and how they are perceived
    • Adapt to different situations: Presentations, talks, meetings, negotiations

    Targeted communication

    • Set a clear goal and purpose
    • Define realistic goals and principles

    Communicate messages

    • Communicate at different levels
    • Develop arguments, control and direct conversations
    • Use communication techniques purposefully, actively listen, insert pauses and interject

    Personal style and its impact

    • Analyse strengths and weaknesses
    • Harmonising your own self-image and other people"s perception of you
    • Use voice and charisma
    • Authenticity – they key to persuasive communication

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