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    Leading conversations

    Successful conversations: Learn how to find the right words at work and develop valuable communication skills.

Conducting negotiations: Successful day-to-day business negotiations

Day-to-day business, and management in particular, often involves negotiating agreements. The outcome should be an agreement that fits your goals and those of your partner. The optimal result for both negotiating partners would be a win-win situation. Negotiating effectively is a skill, which means it can be acquired just like any other know-how through targeted coaching. From solid preparation through to negotiation tactics and strategies, constructive and successful negotiation has many elements and phases that need to be considered. An optimal negotiation strategy and technique is thus only one part of successfully conducting negotiations. Sophisticated rhetoric can also be a key to success in difficult situations. And, as is the case with almost everything, negotiating professionally must be learned, practice makes perfect and continuous training leads to success. 

Negotiating successfully is much more than a mutual exchange of arguments and positions - and it is certainly not a skill everyone is born with. A negotiation is similar to a game of chess. But which tactic is the best? Basic training in negotiating is the usual first step into this complex topic. A comprehensive negotiation training such as that provided by KERN AG Training goes much deeper. During this training, you will become a pro in negotiating and develop important skills that can bring you and your company a big step forward.

Techniques, training & communication - this is what awaits you in the negotiation training course:

It is precisely in the difficult moments of negotiations that it becomes clear who is a professional and who possesses negotiating skills. Knowledge, tactics and the confident conduct of negotiations in the literal sense and in every situation - this is what will be learned and internalised in the seminar. The seminar from KERN AG Training covers all important topics and aspects. Benefit from comprehensive insights into negotiation strategies, communication, basics and expert knowledge on professional negotiations during the training.

Negotiate successfully: negotiation training & further education as a seminar

For professionals and managers: the seminar on negotiations will benefit everyone who wants to improve their skills in confident and effective negotiation. This course is particularly useful for employees in management, HR, sales or anyone else who regularly takes part in negotiations. In this seminar, participants will learn practical concepts and tools that will help them reach their individual goals in the respective negotiation situation, expand their understanding and help them reach common solutions with negotiating partners. During the coaching, you will learn how to recognise pitfalls, how to keep a cool head during difficult negotiations, and how to assert the interests of your company. Whether in a delegation team or independently in a one-on-one meeting - as a participant in the negotiation training from KERN AG Training, managers and employees alike benefit from the latest topics and methods, the success of which has been proven countless times.

Strategy & knowledge: topics covered in the negotiation seminar:

In this seminar, the participants will learn and be trained in the key stages, strategies and techniques of negotiation. You will acquire practical skills and fundamental approaches to negotiation to help you successfully prepare and plan for your negotiations. You will also be taught how to handle problematic negotiation situations. After completing the seminar, you will be able to face the most difficult negotiations professionally in practice and apply the negotiation methods you have learned to your advantage during negotiations.

The topics and objectives of the negotiation training at a glance:

  • The foundation of every negotiation: optimal preparation for the negotiation situation
  • Devising a personal strategy
  • Effectively apply the most suitable negotiation skills in the given situation
  • Create the right atmosphere to serve the specific purpose
  • Active listening and planning the next steps in advance
  • Understand business partners and inspire trust
  • Respond confidently to questions and new problems
  • Establish a communication dynamic in the negotiation
  • Express problems elegantly
  • Understand body language
  • Develop convincing arguments
  • Bridge cultural differences
  • Reach the desired results (win-win)

You would like to conduct negotiations successfully in the future and are interested in a negotiation seminar or would like a personal consultation on negotiation training? Simply get in touch with us! We will happily provide you with more information or an individual offer - also for all other additional seminars and training programmes.

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