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    Small Talk in English

    Business English Training: Find the right subjects for Small Talk.


Business Training: Small Talk in English

It is not always easy to find subjects for small talk. However in business relations, small talk ensures you have things in common with the other person, makes day-to-day business more relaxed and inspires trust between business partners, which is a key factor in professional success.

The right small talk: find the right topics and inspire trust

Caution is urged, however, when doing business with partners from other cultures: their culture has to be considered, and care must be taken to avoid taboo subjects and not to disregard the country's etiquette. In the Small Talk training course, you will learn which topics of conversation with your English-speaking customers, suppliers and colleagues are harmless, and how to get them to know and appreciate you better. 

The goal of the 'Small Talk' business seminar:

Participants learn how to attune themselves to business partners from English-speaking regions, and how to engage in relaxed conversation in their-day-to-day business activities. 

Content of the seminar: 

  • Sensitivity to cultural differences in conversation, actions and behaviour
  • Starting a conversation
  • Possible small talk topics
  • Greetings, introductions, looking after your guests, saying goodbye
  • Current affairs discussions
  • The English business culture
  • Grammar and vocabulary 

The content listed is simply a selection of the topics. We are happy to tailor the content to your personal requirements – give us a call or get in touch via the contact form – we'd be delighted to put together a proposal to suit you!