KERN AG Training with new cooperation agreement

The training service provider now has the addition "telc centre of excellence higher education"

The German bureaucracy does not stop at universities: Any foreigner who is looking to study here in Germany is required to have a university entrance qualification, in addition to prior specialist knowledge, as well as proof of adequate language level. KERN AG Training, together with telc GmbH, has looked for a way to efficiently support study applicants with their ambitions, and now has a cooperation agreement which has formed the prerequisites for the efficient handling of these requirements.

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Frankfurt. German universities are very popular study destinations, not just in Germany but also abroad. And that’s no surprise: As a leading nation of industry and with new universities voted by “Times Higher Education” as being in the world’s top 100, Germany is an attractive place for education and research.

In addition to subject-specific and general admission requirements, foreigners aspiring to study here must also have sufficient knowledge of the German language in order to obtain a higher education entrance qualification. Filling the requirements is not always simple, as institutions which issue unconditionally valid certificates are rare.

Telc GmbH is a non-profit language test provider and one of the few institutions to provide certificates which are not only valid for an unlimited time, but also recognised by the university rectors and ministers council. For people wanting to study, certificates from telc GmbH are therefore an enormous relief in terms of organisation, as they can rely fully on a competent partner. A collaboration with the sister company of the German Adult Education Association in order to support prospective students was an obvious choice for KERN AG Training as an internationally well connected service provider, as it’s not only interested in the training and further training of it’s participants, but also has a personal interest in their professional and private success.

KERN AG Training receives the addition "centre of excellence higher education" of telc GmbH with the now concluded cooperation agreement. This allows the further training specialists to offer a test for the certificate “telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule” (telc German C1 for university) twice a year, which gives foreign applicants proof of the language level required in order to study. The test can already be taken at three locations (Frankfurt, Mannheim and Berlin) and in the future, further KERN branches will also have the possibility of running the telc tests.

Future students will doubly be able to benefit from the experience as an international training service provider: With KERN AG Training, a successful telc test is guaranteed as any lack of knowledge can be processed during tailor-made training programs focusing on specific needs, targeted at being cost and time efficient. 

About KERN AG Training

As a family business with over 45 education centres across Germany, KERN AG Training offers a wide range of services – from tailored language training, to business and communication coaching for specialised professionals and management staff and intercultural training. Regardless whether it’s face-to-face training, coaching, blended learning or live classes in KERN Virtual™: Both the content as well as the format of every training are based on the individual needs of the participants. KERN AG Training is a state-recognised education provider and is licensed under ISO 9001, as well as under the Accreditation and Approval for the Promotion of Employment (AZAV) certificate, issued by Hessen's Technical Control Board (TÜV). With KERN AG Training, there is also the possibility of preparing for internationally recognised language certificates, such as telc, TOEFL, LCCI, TFI or TOEIC, and completing these at the test centres of the training provider. 


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