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This page contains all the available training formats - you can go ahead and choose the one that is right for your goals and preferences. 

The training formats:

Self-learning platform

The integrated platform offers students flexible and target-oriented language training that is adapted to their needs. At the beginning, the participants set their learning goals and the areas upon which they wish to focus. We will then create an individual learning pathway for them based on their language level. 

The platform trains all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. It does this by making use of current, interesting content in the form of videos, news texts, audio learning units and much more.

At the beginning, you will carry out an extensive free placement test and you will determine what your subject areas and learning goals are to be. This means that the course will be adapted to:

  • The initial goals
  • The learning contents that are relevant for the participants
  • The skills that the participant wishes to train, such as making telephone calls, presentations, meetings, negotiations and e-mail communication
  • The desired vocabulary; this occurs by means of personal vocabulary lists that include translations and individual exercises

Each language course consists of a progressive, dynamically constructed curriculum with a learning objective that is clearly defined and that is oriented to the CEFR level. 


  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Danish and Dutch
  • Duration: 6 or 12 months


  • 6-month licence: 115 euros 
  • 6-month licence for Polish, Danish and Dutch:  230 euros 


Blended Learning

Blended Learning solution - an online language course in combination with live teaching. Connecting self-study to teacher-led instruction leads to success. You learn when and where you want, either at work or flexibly from home and you will be supported by a trainer. 

  • Individual: 6-month self-learning licence + 9 units of virtual training
    • A languages*: 475 euros (115 euros licence + 360 euros)
    • B languages*: 590 euros (230 euros licence + 360 euros)
  • Group: 6-month self-learning licence + 18 units (60 min) of virtual training:
    • A languages*: 1,295 euros for 5 participants (115 euros licence * 5+720 euros) incl. course material
    • B languages*: 1,870 euros for 5 participants (230 euros licence * 5+720 euros) incl. course material

*A languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian B languages: Polish, Danish, Dutch


Virtual training

Modern technology means that the lesson does not have to take place in a physical room. The Virtual Classroom enables you to learn wherever and whenever you like. Live learning on the internet, flexible and interactive, from the office or from your home (during working hours) - our Virtual Classroom is the key to getting the language learning results that you desire. You will learn in the protected login area with your group and you will use innovative and modern methods. When learning in the Virtual Classroom, you will also receive supportive teaching materials and supportive feedback from your language trainers. 

  • Individual (30 units*): 1,200 euros + 49 euros (A language**) / 40 euros (B language**) course material
  • Group (45 units*): 1,800 euros + 49 euros (A language**) / 40 euros (B language**) course material per participant

*Unit = 60 minutes
** A language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian B language: Polish, Danish, Dutch

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Short courses (virtual training, recommended from B1 according to CEFR)

The short course series have a linguistic focus and help you to train everyday sentences, alternative phrases, typical and specialist vocabulary for a specific area. Learning for a specific area focuses on the context of the student or on a specific occasion, such as a presentation.

The specific areas can focus on the sector in which the person works, the target group or on a certain area of the person's responsibility:

  • Telephoning
  • Communication
  • Presentations
  • Dealing with customers
  • Negotiations
  • Meetings
  • Socialising and small talk
Based on specialisation:
  • Human resources 
  • Energy industry 
  • Finance and controlling 
  • Purchasing 
  • Marketing 
  • Legal matters
  • IT

Costs & training units

  • Individual training online:  390 euros (9 units á 40 euros)
  • Individual training in-house: 405 euros (9 units á 45 euros)
  • Group training online: 480 euros (12 units á 40 euros)
  • Group training in-house: 552 euros (12 units á 46 euros)

*Unit= 60 minutes


In-house training

During internal training sessions, you will learn alone or together with your direct colleagues at your company premises. The course will take place in your company or virtually during working hours between 6 am and 8 pm. Training courses should fundamentally not exceed 6 months in length.

Flexible individual training for fast language success!

Individual training is a target-oriented language course that enables individual and fast success in the foreign language. The emphasis is on personal communication between the participants and the trainers. You determine the topics to focus on and the specialist areas in which you would like to acquire language knowledge. The training is supplemented with individual role plays, case studies as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises.

We carefully analyse your needs in a one-on-one conversation with the help of a specialised questionnaire and we design a tailor-made learning programme for you: You decide the schedule, the pace and the content of your learning.

Internal face-to-face group training courses

The training course is geared to practical use and it encourages the participants to use the relevant foreign language in daily communication right from the beginning.

The classes can be adapted especially to the requirements in the company, enabling the participants to learn how to communicate properly and professionally during their working day. In this way, the knowledge that you have acquired can be directly put into practice.

Our tried and tested weekly courses take place on your premises and they will consistently expand upon and solidify your language knowledge. However, you will still have to regularly take part in the classes and do the homework that we give you. The joy of learning, the fun you will have in the lessons and the improvements you constantly make will make learning the foreign language easy. 

  • Individual (30 units*): 1,350 euros + 49 euros (A language**) / 40 euros (B language**) course material
  • Group (45 units*): 2,070 euros + 49 euros (A language**) / 40 euros (B language**) course material per participant


*Unit = 60 minutes
** A language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian B language: Polish, Danish, Dutch


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KERN Training has been offering a wide range of services since 2005 and it is an internationally established education service provider that boasts more than 45 training centres throughout Germany. We offer courses in the areas of languages, intercultural skills and communication skills. The contents of the courses are adapted to the contextual situation and are tailor-made to fit the needs and professional requirements of the participants. With our huge range of course types, KERN Training can adapt its services to the individual requirements of each participant: This being so, the course types range from tailor-made individual courses through to group courses and right up to intensive courses.

On top of that, KERN Training keeps up with the speed of development of digital media and offers flexible opportunities to learn from home or when on the go. This can be achieved by using KERN Virtual™, via the KERN apps or via a self-learning platform; this ensures that cutting-edge technologies are used.

KERN Training is also a state-recognised education provider and is licenced under ISO 9001, as well as under the Accreditation and Approval for the Promotion of Employment (AZAV) certificate. With KERN Training, there is also the possibility of preparing specifically for internationally recognised language certificates, such as telc, TOEFL, LCCI, TFI or TOEIC, and completing these at the test centres of the training provider.