app4client - Language training for employees via app4client™

Promising innovations in company-specific language training

For professional purposes, general language skills are no longer enough: Required foreign language skills vary greatly depending on the industry, position or company. KERN AG Training has made it their business to fuse the location independent developments with individual and corporate specific training into one tool. As a result, we present the future of media online support for self-learning: app4client™.

What app4client™ can offer you:

  • A subject specific self learning platform, training language skills in a client and industry friendly way, whilst also integrating the corporate wording of the client.
  • A modern online learning element, based on the four levels of learning ( Perception and understanding, practice, playful repartition and consolidation, writing)
  • A focused supplement for further training
  • A modern form of in-house further training with a high demand for flexibility with time and place.
  • A method of defining company-specific vocabulary in various foreign languages and effectively assimilating it into further training for employees.
  • An elegant way of combining KERN-language trainers with mobile online language training and vocabulary exercises on a mobile device.

If you are interressted introducing the Learn-App to your company – get in touch using the contact form. We'd be happy to advise you and put together a suitable offer for you.