English for Purchasing

Successful buyers are constantly concerned to further build on their skills. In the 'English for purchasing' seminar, your employees can reflect on and further develop precisely these capabilities so that they can communicate confidently and purposefully in English in all purchasing process situations! The training is designed for anyone keen to learn how to present convincing arguments in purchasing negotiations for their products and services, and pick up tips to help them confidently strive for their goals in English.

Below is an initial overview of the possible course content. It covers a range of topics around which we help you to expand your linguistic abilities.

Overview – develop vocabulary, terminology and expressions for:

  • Purchasing strategies
  • Evaluation and analysis
  • Successful relationship management in negotiations
  • Systematic preparation for price negotiations


  • Summary of the skills of the purchasing officer and how to apply these effectively in practice
  • Terms and vocabulary to purposefully analyse purchasing potential and exploit this potential to the maximum
  • Structure negotiations and lead them proactively and convincingly
  • Functions of processes in purchasing

    The precise seminar content will be aligned to participants' individual needs and determined as accurately as possible on the basis of a needs analysis:

Establish purchasing strategies

  • Centralised vs decentralised purchasing, material groups management
  • Purchasing matrix
  • Sector and positioning

Decision with respect to the type of purchasing

  • direct from the manufacturer or from intermediary suppliers
  • value-added partner

Calls for tender and assessment of proposals

  • Description of services
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Analysis techniques: ABC analysis, product/value analysis

Strategic selection of suppliers

  • Assessment of the company
  • Assessment of the service

Successful purchasing negotiations

  • Basic principles of communication
  • Fundamental elements of the Harvard concept
  • Phases of negotiation – structured preparation, consistent implementation and effective follow-up
  • The right questioning techniques for successfully leading conversations
  • Argumentation tactics
  • Finding your personal negotiation style

Planning of the order processing

  • Determine the ordering policy, the ordering process and the order processing

Participants practise specialist vocabulary, terminology and sector-specific expressions in relation to the various subject areas.

Have we got you interested in this training course? We'd be happy to put together a proposal tailored to your individual needs.