Customer Service – put customer service first

Successful business management is all about customer service. As organisations become increasingly international, they need to deal with customers from all over the world. But you need a certain level of English vocabulary to ensure you can negotiate and work with your customers efficiently.

This course will teach you strategies to interact professionally with customers in various situations in English. The seminar also provides an insight into the business culture in the English-speaking world.


Participants learn to present their company and its philosophy, its products and its international markets, and to establish and build on relationships with foreign partners.

Target group

Specialist and executive personnel who deal with international business partners

The seminar covers the following topics:

  • Convey relevant information
  • Initial contact with new partners
  • Offer support
  • Deal with complaints (over the phone, in person, in writing)
  • Initial negotiations
  • Coordination of deadlines
  • Grammar and vocabulary