• Subject-specific training

    Subject-specific training

    Learn specialist language specific to the industrial and business sectors and improve how you communicate with customers or business partners!

Subject-specific training

Do you work in finance everyday, or does your company deal in the automotive industry? Do you want the ability to communicate confidently and without hesitation on industry-specific topics using specialist language? With our targeted language training for specialists and executives, take a step towards the next stage of your career with ease!

KERN AG Training offers different forms of language courses using the latest learning technology. Seminars and workshops, as well as online and face-to-face training, promise the right solution whatever your learning goal. And an initial assessment test ensures we find the best strategy to accommodate to every style of learning.

Various training methods allow you intensive access to various fundamental language-learning elements and are the perfect preparation for engaging with subject-specific content. You can even learn from abroad, talk to us over the phone, or enjoy the convenience of our self-learning platform to learn from home. A choice of teaching methods:

  • In-house training and coaching
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Virtual training (KERN Virtual™)
  • Extensive/intensive training
  • Conversation training
  • Training over the phone
  • Blended learning

Specialist fields/industries

Learn industry-specific specialist language

We offer relevant training for a range of industries. We focus on various sectors and promise you optimal advice. The course focuses on expanding your language skills in specific areas. We also provide training for dialogue with customers as well as communicating in specific situations. Our qualified language coaches are here to provide advice and practical support based on their many years of experience. They actively ensure you reach your personal linguistic goal quickly and effectively, whatever your learning style.

Specialist training with KERN

Learn a new specialist language quickly and conveniently with KERN AG Training. To ensure you can, we have specially developed a corporate service, designed for specialists and executives. We offer you comprehensive support to guarantee targeted and professionally-oriented training. An assessment of your personal training needs, organisation and administration are just three relevant aspects of managing the most efficient training for you. We work with you to define relevant learning objectives for your desired specialist language and develop a target-oriented strategy.

Contact & Advice

Do you still have questions or need advice on our subject-specific programme? Would you like a more detailed description of the content of a subject-specific training course? Please use the contact form below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible with all the important information you need!

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The recipe for success for subject-specific training

Our many years of experience in foreign languages and communication training ensure we have been a partner to industry and businesses for decades. Companies in particular benefit from our skills and expertise! Each industry-dependent training concept is specially aligned with the requirements of your business environment from the outset. In addition to pure language training, our range of services also includes intercultural training and Business and Communication Training. In addition to subject-specific content, you can acquire country-specific knowledge, improve the way you’re able to negotiate or even book trips abroad to further language acquisition. All our courses and forms of training can be combined and complement one another. We are happy to support you in your choice of subject-specific training!

If you have decided to learn a specialist language, we will diligently support you in any way we can. Based on training evaluations and learning success statistics, we work with you to monitor your employees' progress, introducing additional materials and exercises as necessary. You can see an online overview of currently booked courses and their status at any time. It’s also easy to check an overview of participants as well as information regarding your employees’ learning progress. On completion of our courses, by all means you can work towards certificates and examinations which will serve as useful qualifications.

KERN language courses offer you:

Certified trainers

Language training The seminars are led by certified trainers with expertise and cross-sector know-how.

Fast learning success

Teaching in a way you'll understand: We equip you with strategies and tips that you can start using and assimilating immediately.

Practical application

No general theory: Our training is based on real-life situations and we're happy to include your concrete examples so we can fully tailor our support to your own situation!

Have fun

Chat, interact, laugh: Creative togetherness promises a great atmosphere that will quickly boost your self-confidence!

Seminars close to you:

KERN AG conducts language courses at many different locations throughout Germany.
We are also happy to offer training in-house at your premises. Find out more now or ask for our free advice!

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