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Mainz is the biggest city in Rhineland-Palatinate and at the same time, is the state’s capital. Mainz is well known and famous for many things: the “Meenzer Fassenacht” (Mainz Carnival), the Second German Television (Zweites Deutches Fernsehen – ZDF), the Rhine, the Johannes Gutenberg University or the Mainz Cathedral. In 2007, the city was chosen as the culture capital, which is clear to visitors to the city from the large number of museums and theatres. The Mainz State Theatre and the Mainz Cathedral are especially well worth seeing. The city attracts countless visitors every year, which inevitably brings with it an international atmosphere.

Mainz has an inland harbour and also profits, in particular, economically from its geographic location being close to Frankfurt. Moreover, Mainz is of vital importance in the media sector as it is home to ZDF, Southwest Broadcasting (Südwestrundfunk – SWR) and the TV broadcaster 3sat. The viniculture not only lends the city another economic pillar but also a very special charm.

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