KERN AG Training Language School in Kaiserslautern

The university and industrial city of Kaiserslautern lies at the northwest edge of the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzerwald). Today the urban district is one of the most important industrial cities in Germany. Thanks to its University of Technology, Kaiserslautern has become an important location for science, with an emphasis on Information Technology. On the northern edge of the Palatinate Forest Kaiserslautern has also been fondly, and quite rightly, dubbed “Silicon Woods”, as a reference to Silicon Valley in California.

Thanks to the attractiveness of the city for professionals and executives, as well as its strong cultural diversity, the demand for language courses, business seminars and intercultural training is steadily increasing.

IT-competent language learners particularly benefit from KERN AG Training’s online language courses and meet with their language trainers in a virtual classroom. Whether from a local branch or from one of the many small, middle-sized and internationally operating companies in this economically thriving region, the Kaiserslautern language school prepares professionals and executives, for a variety of occupational foreign language tasks with specially designed business language training. Students learn how to construct job applications in different languages or prepare themselves for tests with language courses that offer internationally recognized language certificates, such as the TOEFL test, for example.

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