KERN AG Training Language School in Kaiserslautern

The university and industrial city of Kaiserlautern is located on the northwestern edge of the Palatinate Forest. The district-free city is one of the most important industrial cities of Germany today. Through its Technical University, the city of Kaiserlautern has developed into an important scientific location with a focus on information technology. Not without good reason, Kaiserlautern on the northern edge of the Palatinate Forest is also lovingly dubbed “Silicon Woods”, alluding to the Silicon Valley in California.

Due to the attractiveness of the city for specialists and executives, as well as the strong cultural diversity, the need in Kaiserlautern for language courses, business seminars and intercultural training steadily increases.

Language learners, particularly with an affinity for IT, attend the online language courses at KERN Training. They meet with their language trainer in virtual class rooms. Alternatively, the language school in Kaiserlautern, through its specially structured business language training, prepares specialists and executives for the diverse range of foreign language tasks at work on site or in one of the many small, medium and international operating companies of this economically strong region. Students learn how to write applications in other languages, or prepare themselves for an internationally recognised language certificate through language courses. For example, the TOEFL-Test.

KERN AG Training

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