English for Business Communication

Professional business communication means more than just using the language correctly – and it's becoming increasingly important given the rise in international relationships. To ensure people who come into regular contact with foreign business partners are aware of the particular aspects of their interaction, this seminar teaches all the necessary skills for successful business communication – both by e-mail and over the phone.

Employees, as well as specialists and managers who take part in meetings, negotiations and talks with international business partners.


  • Golden rules of business correspondence via e-mail
  • Leading and directing conversations
  • Forms of address and rules of greeting in business communication
  • Questioning techniques
  • Ability to discuss complex issues

Focus points

  • Secure writing style
  • The use of key expressions and phrases
  • Professional structure of written correspondence
  • Goal orientated communication on the telephone
  • Effect of your own voice
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently on the telephone


  • Professional appearance and positive affect
  • Greater skill in negotiations through better command of language and conversation
  • Improved long-term cooperation by eliminating communicative misunderstandings
  • Higher productivity through effective communication