Business success in Brazil

Rapid growth in the Brazilian economy is making this South American country an attractive partner for Germany companies. Business and cultural relationships between Brazil and Germany date back to the 19th century.  German culture is already embedded in the South American country as the result of migration, which means there is an overall positive image of Germany. Yet despite close ties, differences specific to culture mean there are constant challenges in day-day German-Brazilian business interactions. When it comes to what's considered polite, emotions and fitting in to hierarchical structures, our trainers recognise a constant need for advice.

With intercultural training, tailored to your needs, KERN AG Training supports you in building up, further developing and intensifying your business relationships with partners in this emerging economy.

Intercultural training in Brazil

Understanding Brazilian behaviour and cultural backgrounds forms the basis for negotiations and business success in Brazil. Central to this is awareness of cultural characteristics, sensitivity to dealing with Brazilian business partners and, building on this, the furthering of intercultural skills. In our intercultural training for Brazil, you will learn how to better anticipate the behaviour of your Brazilian colleagues and business partners and respond appropriately. This forms the basis from which, underpinned by mutual understanding, you can achieve successful collaboration.

Within a short time, the training will enable your specialist and executive personnel to operate successfully and without conflict in the Brazilian culture, and to lead and motivate intercultural teams. We give you the knowledge and skills to either avoid intercultural conflicts all together or to resolve them quickly and achieve your business goals effectively. There is equal focus on your own cultural conditioning and the fundamental structures of Brazilian society and how these manifest themselves in day-to-day business communication. You will work together effectively and in a focused way, and respond sensitively and persuasively to your new partners' needs. KERN AG Training thus facilitates smooth communication and paves your way to business success in Brazil.

Our mix of methods guarantee a high level of knowledge transfer and active collaboration between participants: We switch between short theoretical inputs, one-to-one and group work, case studies, discussions and role plays, and integrate multimedia visual aids and simulation material. Our intercultural seminars are led by German and Brazilian experts with proven experience and high-level skills in cultural education and intercultural corporate training. Each seminar is especially tailored to your specific requirements: We will agree both the content and the timings with you.

Course structure:

  • Basic pattern of the Brazilian culture
  • History and structure of the society
  • Cultural comparison: your own and others' perceptions
  • Communication behaviour: initial contact, building relationships, small talk, private and business communication situations
  • Negotiating with Brazilian business partners
  • Recognising and dealing with conflicts
  • Leadership styles and employee motivation
  • Working in German-Brazilian project teams: maximising potential
  • Developing strategies for Brazilian culture