6-month intensive group course for language visa: German for beginners

From the 15th February 2021 a new German course – Level A1 is starting in the KERN Training Branch in Mannheim! Upon completion of the course you will be able to handle simple, routine situations in German.  You will be able to, amongst other things, talk about your personal interests, aims or plans.

The course is suitable German course for participants who would like to apply for a visa.

Course Details:

Target Language: German
Language Level: A1
Venue: Kern AG IKL Business Trainingscenter, O7, 4 (Planken), 68161 Mannheim                 
Course Form: Group Course / Intensive Course
Total UE: 432 UE
Weekly UE: 18 UE
Total Cost: €4,320.00 per person (inc. learning materials)
Monthly Cost: €720.00
Course Length: 6 months
Session Times: (probably) Monday-Wednesday 16:00-19:00, Thursday & Friday 15:00-17:15
Number of Participants: a minimum of 3
Start Date: 15th February 2021                                                                                   

Would you like to register for this course or receive more information? Then send an email to kern.mannheim@kerntraining.com or give us a call at (0621) 400 429 90. We look forward to hearing from you!