Focus on Personnel Development - News from Zukunft Personal Europe

Since the end of the 1990s, Human Resource Managers have recognised that specialised knowledge alone is no longer sufficient in order to overcome the challenges of increasingly intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration and flat hierarchies as a professional and as a manager. As a result, soft skills have been gaining importance in recent years - a sentiment which is repeatedly confirmed to us as a training provider, particularly at trade fairs.

Fokus in der Personalförderung – Neues von der Zukunft Personal Europe

Every year, there are over 300 trade fairs in Germany that offer an excellent opportunity to present yourself to visitors interested in your sector as well as (potential) customers in an appropriate setting. We also enjoy using the numerous opportunities of these special events to collect important impressions of the trends in the fast-moving personnel business and to check our portfolio of services remains up-to-date. Particularly exciting was this year’s “Zukunft Personal Europe”, where the increasing interest in business-related communication training measures has, for the first time, exceeded the demand for purely language training.

Discussions with more than 100 managers didn’t only confirm the trend towards business and communication training measures for social skills, communication skills, personality development, time and self management or the development of inter-cultural skills - it also showed that the desires and needs regarding business and communication training could not be more different and that as a supplier you have to deliver more than just a broad product range: We are looking for tailor-made measures that have to be theoretically founded and practical but not only aimed towards the activity and the industry, but also to the reality of the company and its employees in regards to work. Because today, in addition to the company executives and the sales positions, middle management levels as further training staff are becoming the focus of training courses, an individual approach is necessary on a case by case basis.

As a full-service training provider, we are particularly pleased that our unmistakably customer focussed approach meets the expectations of trade fair visitors and that we were able to see great interest in our service portfolio. This confirms that we are able to support companies as a strong partner in current challenges and secure the success of our business partners with modern solutions - and that trade fairs, like Zukunft Personal Europe, will continue to be an integral part of our public appointments.