KERN's Approach

The KERN method: Flexible planning, relaxed learning!!

The KERN method combines traditional teaching methods with modern forms of tuition. This combination enables us to shape your training as flexibly as possible. - because everyone has a different way of learning.

We give you the opportunity to define your requirements and needs in terms of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing, or the training content of your business seminar before your course begins. Your personal learning goal largely defines the options of tuition emphasis.

During the first hour's training, we develop an overall concept that covers the need as far as possible of all the participants. The focus is very much on understanding and speaking in your desired language, because our aim is for you to communicate freely in your chosen language. This is why almost all our language courses take place in the target language exclusively.

We encourage you to actively participate in the tuition, express your ideas and provide criticism so that together with our trainers, you create a positive atmosphere for relaxed learning.