• Course material

    Customised learning material

    We provide the learning materials both printed and online.

Sector-specific material

Every sector special has its own vocabulary and its own technical terms. Targeted industry-specific learning is more and more in demand, which goes beyond merely learning special vocabulary. It’s about the typical way to form sentences, how to reason and the structuring of thoughts. Lawyers speak in a different way to doctors, and pilots have a different vocabulary to scientists. These particularities in language continue right up to the language of individual companies. Corporate identity is always expressed through language as well.

KERN’s strengths not only include creating individual teaching plans for language improvement courses for companies, but also developing teaching materials shaped by the desires of customers, so that subject-essential teaching materials are available, particularly where very specific sections are concerned. In this case, customer learning material is prepared by education experts and adapted precisely to their language learning goal so that anyone – a ship engine builder, a lab technician or a purchasing manager – can gain the linguistic skills they need for their job and their company wants them to. The clear and practical learning folders are adapted to the training program in terms of scope and content.

KERN LearnApp – digital learning material

If requested we can make our English and German training material available via the interactive KERN LearnApp. This allows you to access your exercises digitally and complete them anywhere and at any time!

Additional online learning help

As a supplement to the learning folders, special glossaries or termbases and additional specialist language exercises can be provided to support face-to-face training and for self learning.

Corporate wording: Use of company-specific terminology

We offer you the opportunity to incorporate your company's corporate wording into you language training – ensuring your employees are able to use your in-house terminology consistently and confidently in foreign languages too. We can work with you to define this corporate wording and integrate it both as part of our KERN ClientApp™ solution or provide it to our trainers as a terminology database. Company-specific and industry-specific terms are clearly integrated in close collaboration with the organisation, and incorporated into the training along with the course materials and other authentic materials.

Our qualified trainers adapt the course content to the subject-specific terminology, including via verbal exercises, and encourage your employees to use it with confidence.